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Windows 8 and capturing it for SCCM 2012…

Last couple of weeks and today I tried to build and capture a Windows 8 Developer Edition and Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Configuration Manager 2012. But unfortunately the Sysprep phase will always fail with an error 4 (The System cannot open the file) and 0×80004004. I also got the same error when using the Capture Task Sequence Media. 

But since I still would like to deploy and manage a custom Windows 8 image with Configuration Manager 2012, I tried it the old fashion way. Manually Sysprep the machine and create a custom WIM image from WinPE with imagex. Let’s see how it goes;

First be sure that your Configuration Manager 2012 Client has no certificates assigned to itself, next you should browse to c:\windows\system32\sysprep and start sysprep.exe. Choose “Enter System Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE)”, enable the option Generalize and Shutdown.

Start Sysprep manually

The sysprep phase will start and clean up the system before sealing the Windows 8 operating system.

Sealing Windows 8

After the machine has been shutdown, start the machine into WinPE (with command line support), and press F8 when WinPE has been started.

When in the dos box connect to a server with imagex.exe available and start the following command line:

Imagex.exe /capture c: \\cmps1\capture$\win8CP-x64.wim “Windows 8 Consumer Preview”

The command line to be executed

The Imagex version I used was from the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 beta2. You will see a lot of information about ignored extended attributes, but after that the capturing process will start.

Capturing the C: drive

After creating the Image it is ready to import in Configuration Manager 2012.

The new image imported in Configuration Manager 2012

I the next blog I will have a look at what is possible with the created image. I will also keep on investigating the error 4 issue….. :)

Update 1-3-2012: Configuration Manager MVP Kenny Buntinx pointed me at the fact that Windows 8 is not (yet) supported by Configuration Manager 2012. Good call from Kenny, let’s hope that RTM will support Windows 8. :)

MDT 2012 integration in Configuration Manager 2012 – part 2

It has been a while that I blogged about the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 integration with Configuration Manager 2012. Let’s see today how you are able to create a task sequence and what you are able to do with it.

When being in the Configuration Manager 2012 Console, go to the Software Library workspace and browse to Operating Systems and Task Sequences. From there click on the Create MDT Task Sequence button in the home ribbon.

The Create MDT task sequence will start and let’s choose Client Task Sequence. Other options are Client Replace Task Sequence, OEM Preload Task Sequence (Post-OEM), OEM Preload Task Sequence (Pre-OEM), Microsoft Deployment Custom Task Sequence, Server Task Sequence and User Driven Installation Task Sequence. In the following blogs I will come back at all the different Task Sequences.

Select the right task sequence template

Give the Task Sequence a name and click on Next to proceed configuring the Task Sequence.

Supply a name for the Task Sequence

Supply details about the domain you are joining, the account which is used to join the workstation to the domain and the Windows Settings.

Select the components for your new Boot Image

If you don’t want to backup a computer before reimaging, click on Next. Select or create a new Boot image, based on the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. Let’s create a new one for this blog so supply an UNC path and click on next. After that supply the name and version of the boot image and click on next. Select the Boot Image components. Go further with configuring.

When being in the testing phase select the enable command support (F8) at the customizations screen and click on next. After creating a custom boot image, let’s supply the information to create a Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 package. Next you need to select the Windows Image that you want to deploy.

If don’t already have a Configuration Manager 2012 Client package, you are able to let the wizard create a package for you.

Create a new Conifguration Manager 2012 Client package

The next step is to use or create an User State Migration Toolkit 4 package, let’s create one and supply the information (UNC path for the source, name and version etc) to create a new one. Next you need to create a new Settings package, in this package a new customsettings.ini and unattended.xml is deployed.

Skip the Sysprep package since we will deploy a Windows 7 image and finish the Wizard.

While creating the MDT Task Sequence, the boot image, Configuration Manager Client package, USMT package and settings package are created. Be sure to place them on the distribution points in your environment.

While creating the boot image you see some action in the package source folder and in the process bar.

The WIM file is being created

Monitor the progress bar

Let’s see how the just created Task Sequence looks like by selecting the Task Sequence and clicking on the edit button in the home ribbon.

Task Sequence full of tasks

As you see a lot more tasks in the task sequence are there, this is because this one task sequence supports three deployment scenario’s, the refresh scenario, new computer and the replace scenario (in combination with the Client Replace Task Sequence). Further
scripts that make the deployment of a Windows image smoother are added to the task sequence.

Next you need to deploy this task sequence to a collection and be sure to copy all the related content to the distribution points like mentioned earlier. Also be sure to enable the new boot image for booting with PXE.

Boot your machine into PXE and depending of your task sequence and deployment the deployment will start automatically or you need to entwer WinPE by pressing F12 while booting into PXE.

Windows 7 is being installed


Earlier blogs about the MDT 2012 integration with Configuration Manager 2012:

Till next time!

MDT support for Configuration Manager 2012 is there!

Finally the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 beta1 supporting Configuration Manager 2012 is there! Something I have been waiting serveral months for. ;) The free Microsoft Deployment Toolkit brings more deployment intelligence to System Center Configuration Manager 2012 to fully support Zero Touch OS Deployment, but of course it can also be used stand alone for Lite touch deployments.

Let’s look at the installation and the  integration of MDT 2012 beta1 with Configuration Manager 2012. The installation of MDT is still very easy and basic, just next next finish ;) After the installation you are able to configure the Deployment Share or configure the Configuration Manager Integration. Sorry Michael, but today I will look only at the Configuration Manager 2012 Integration. In a late stage I will have a look at the workbench and see where the OS Deployment of Configuration Manager and MDT amplify each other.

 The configuration of the integration of MDT 2012 with Configuration Manager 2012 works still the same.

Just start the Configure ConfigMgr Integration application and select “Install the MDT console Extensions for ConfigMgr 2012” (which is new) and “Add the MDT task sequence actions to a ConfigMgr server” followed by the Site server name and the Site Code

The first look at the integration shows us the options in the Ribbon when browsing to Operaring Systems > Boot Images and Operating Systems > Task Sequences in the Software Library.

Creating new Boot Images is done via the Create Boot Image using MDT in the ribbon.

Is the MDT Task Sequence only for Windows 7 Deployment? Guess not because of the fact that Configuration Manager also supports deploying Windows XP SP3. Must be something cosmetic. (update)And it is cosmetic, now found out that when grabbing the screenshot I had selected a folder called “Windows 7″. When I select another folder under Task Sequences the text will change to the name of the folder.

The creation of all the MDT Task Sequence related packages are working great. Let’s hope that the beta2 version of MDT 2012 will support the creation of new applications instead of packages.

It’s beta1 so an early version and there is still alot of work to do, let’s see what I found just testing a bit of the integration with Configuration Manager:

  • MDT doesn’t support the new Application Model yet fully, the new application objects are shown as GUIDs when you want to select the Configuration Client Package while creating a MDT Task Sequence.

  • While creating a MDT Boot Image there is an option to Enable prestart command hook, this option is disabled during the creation of the boot image but after the boot image creation is finished the option is automatically enabled.

The first look at the integration is very positive, a nice step forward and good that the MDT team is also preparing for the 2012 wave of product releases :) Next time I will look at the Workbench, does it also have a ribbon? I know the answer already, try and test it yourself or just wait until the next Configuration Manager 2012 & MDT blogs comes online.